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The Vital Importance of Shemar Moore to this blog’s success

Okay – this is my third attempt to write this post. Apparently every time I hit “save draft” my computer thinks this means “erase post”. So I’ll make this short and sweet.

I’m back after being very busy.

Consistent interest in this blog has been sustained almost completely by people typing “Shemar Moore” and “wife” into google, and finding themselves here instead.

So in order to fulfill the needs of my two sets of readers, here is what you came for:

In the meantime, my wife and I have still been watching tv, so I am ready and eager to continue to talk about our viewing habits and reactions to the stuff we watch. So look for upcoming posts on The Secret Millionaire, Undercover Boss, Bethanny Ever After, the swelling national (Canadian) pride to be found by  watching HGTV’s House Hunters, and our Saturday ritual of watching Property Ladder and Yard Crashers.

I also plan on writing about why I love watching Kevin O’ Leary on Shark Tank

…as well as why we think Cobie Smothers’ role on How I Met Your Mother is offensive, and why we (as a unified front) hate Glee (there are aesthetic as well as personal reasons…) and how much we love Season Five of Friday Night Lights.

Ugh - Gweneth Again? (I blame this image for erasing my previous posts too!)

Finally, I hope to write something soon on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, which is currently on the top of our list for “Must-See” viewing.

Okay – more posts to come! Thanks for your continued interests in images of Shemar Moore!