R. Colin Tait on the Web

I have been been trying to find all  of my scattered writings on the web in one place. Here are the links and brief descriptions – in reverse chronological order.




Online Interviews and Features:

Interview with Andrew deWaard and R. Colin Tait, Authors of The Cinema of Steven Soderbergh: Indie Sex, Corporate Lies and Digital Videotape, in Columbia University Press blog.

Online Journals and Blogs

June 18, 2013, “Roundtable: The ‘Implosion’ of the Blockbuster” in antenna: responses to media and culture.

June 7, 2013, “‘Dirtied’ Star Images and Acting Against Type in Behind the Candelabra‘” on the Columbia University Press blog

May 30, 2013, “Steven Soderbergh’s Spectacular Un-Retirement” in antenna: responses to media and culture.

November 2, 2012, “When the Magic Kingdom Ate The Galactic Empire” in antenna: responses to media and culture.

August 4th, 2011, “The Children of Chuck Barris: Reality TV in the 1970s” in flowtv.org

April 28, 2011, “The Beastie Boys Full Court Media Press,” in antenna: responses to media and culture.

September 24, 2010, “Revisiting the ‘Canadian Conspiracy’ 25 Years Later,” in flowtv.org

September 13, 2010, “Towards a Unified Theory of Beard Acting ” in Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style.

November 16, 2009, “Absurd Masculinity: The Time-Bending Comic Persona of Will Ferrell” in Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style.


October 3, 2009, “H d’oh TV: Watching With the Simpsons in High Definition” in flowtv.org.

Academic Writing:

Fall 2009: “That ’70s Scene: Remembering the Bad Old Days in Summer of Sam” in Cinephile.

Artwork by Bobby Matheson

Summer 2008, “The HBO-ification of Genre” in Cinephile.


Artwork by Bobby Matheson

Fall 2007 – “Editor’s Note: Hollywood and Liberalism” and “Zombie Revolution at the Gates” in Cinephile.

Image by Alissa Staples

Film Reviews, Interviews and Features from The Varsity


Jan 10, 2006, “End Credits,” Year End Review 2006.

May 15, 2006, “Confessions of a Junketeer– Feature about being flown to LA for press junket for terrible Ashton Kutcher Romantic Comedy.

Jan 6, 2004, Fab Flicks, 2004, Best-of-year round-up

Feb 24, 2005, “Odds on Oscar” in The Varsity (note – I accurately predicted all the winners for this year)

September 13, 2004, “Movie Madness” – Round-up of Canadian screening at 2004 Toronto International Film Festival


June 20, 2005, “Cruise Control” An Interview With Tom Cruise.

November 4, 2004, “Recording Resistance,” An Interview with Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis

July 19, 2004, “Garden State of Mind” An Interview with Zach Braff.

March 15, 2004, “Building Buzz for Bones” Interview with Sudz Sutherland

Feb 9 2004, “Bridget Snaps Back.” Interview with Ginger Snaps‘ Emily Perkins

September 8, 2003, “Going Further” An Interview with Ron Mann.

Film Reviews

(a representative sample of the 100ish reviews from 2001-2006)

October 30, 2003, Shallow Sylvia, Sylvia film review

October 5, 2003, Kill Bill Full of Thrills, Kill Bill film review.

September 2, 2003, Mediocre Macabre Match-Up, Freddy vs. Jason film review.

January 8, 2003, Maybe-Not-So-True Confessions, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind film review.

November 2, 2002, “One Brow to Rule Them All,” Frida Film Review, in The Varsity

Master list of reviews/features can be found here: http://thevarsity.ca/search?q=Colin+Tait&page=1


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  1. Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff, appreciate it. “Be not careless in deeds, nor confused in words, nor rambling in thought.” by Marcus Aurelius Antoninus.

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