About my blog.

Hey all,

My name is Colin Tait and I just graduated with a Ph. D. in Media Studies from the University of Texas – Austin. So far I’ve concentrated mostly about writing about movies even though my default always seems to be watching TV.

For me, this blog is my opportunity to fit in my (many) thoughts and opinions about the stuff I watch on TV into slightly more informal setting.

I get the idea that all  blogs are somewhat of a selfish enterprise to begin with, but my ultimate goal is to find ways to discuss what we watch in an informal, simple, setting with others.

Having worked a ton of places and in a ton of jobs, I’ve always felt that  TV is the default topic of conversation. More than this, TV shows have often provided the basis of many of my favourite relationships, particularly with fellow Simpsons travellers.

At the moment, I’m sort of undecided as to what the point of all this is, but I think that having a forum to express these half-formed thoughts will be a good (and hopefully somewhat entertaining) place will be a good thing for me in the longer term.

I suspect that I don’t watch more or less TV than anyone else, but I seem to be in a position where it is at the center of my being and where I am pretty consumed with how important the people on my TV are in my life.

More than this, I’ve always felt that TV is the subject and object of itself, from morning until night, TV is always talking about other TV shows.

Flipping by The View this morning, it seems odd to me just how natural it is for four grown women to be discussing Jersey Shore’s “The Situation,” or whether Snooki is just misunderstood.

Earlier in the day Regis Philbin shows us just how clueless he is when it comes to pop-culture, even though he lives inside of its bubble. Nevertheless, a steady stream of stars and public figures make their way through this outlet, promoting their wares and compressing their conversations into two-minute soundbites.

By the time we get to mid-afternoon programming, the spectacle of TV About TV gets even more pronounced. From Oprah, to Rachel Ray, to TMZ to Letterman at night, each of these shows is a link in an even larger perpetuating chain all of which refers endlessly to itself.

Where do we fit into all of this? Why do we care about “The Situation” and more importantly, why do I even know who he is? More than that, why do I know more about Letterman’s personal life than I do about my own family? Why have I explored Sarah Jessica Parker’s genealogy (recently seen on Lisa Kudrow’s NBC-produced show Who do you think you are?) more than my own roots?

I hope that this can be a place for my exploration of some of these issues, and I sincerely hope that some can relate to what for me are just instinctive movements toward and away from pop culture.

Mostly, I hope to engage with my fellow travellers who may be experiencing and mediating their lives through pop-culture like I have.

Until next post…


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