Watchin’ The Good Wife, With, uh…My Good Wife

So, first off, apologies for neglecting everyone. This (last) year has been a doozy, but I have definitely been missing being able to write about the stuff that the wife and I have been watching over the course of the past year and into the new.

(and please forgive me if I’m rusty at this, I’ve been doing nothing but writing dissertation stuff in the meantime, which I find tends to stifle the ‘fun’ writer in me)

As I’m sure many of you also do, in addition to the shows that we watch on  a regular primetime schedule, we’ve been working our way through complete series, binge-ing on marathons of complete  shows almost exclusively. The most recent of these is The Good Wife, which we bought for real cheap at Target, and which we are a couple of episodes into  the second season (so please, no spoilers – we’re behind!)

We both agree that the show is enjoyable, but not always because the show is especially good. It definitely gets better (and much weirder) in the second season, with the addition of some new characters and a little bit more political intrigue, but we have discussed what we would definitely change about the show (as with all intelligent conversations about TV) and what doesn’t work.

So here is is our unscientific list of things that should happen on the show, if we had our way.

1. Get rid of the kids. Alicia Florrick’s son and daughter are two of the most annoying characters on TV.

2. Spin off Kalinda and Blake into their own show called “Lawyer-Detective Battle Royale” (or something like that). For that matter, put these two, the children, Alicia’s husband and political intrigue plot, and the son’s insane girlfriend into their own series.

3. Stop pretending that the writers of the show know anything about how modern political campaigns are run, or the importance of youtube, which no one seems to know anything about. Is it possible that I am underestimating the extent to which the nation is fixated on the Chicago State’s Attorney race?

4. Show “the other side” of things, by showing the police in the series at their most inept. It really seems as though only Alicia and Kalinda can find evidence in the show, so I would love to see how the “other side” works.

Speaking of which, my favorite part of the series is actually watching Kalinda investigate things. We agree that the actress playing this part is somewhat limited in her capacity to convey things like subtlety, so it’s always a joy to watch her go into investigative mode. We also love her insane conflict with former Friday Night Lights quarterback Jason Street (whose facial hair in this show connotes his evil, as per my theories of beard acting, elaborated here) .

I have a really hard time believing that she actually won an Emmy for playing the role, but agree that her part is definitely a vital element to the success of the show.

Okay, that seems about it from me for this post. In all likelihood I’ll have more to report when I get further into the season. I’ll end by saying that there is obviously as much enjoyment to be had from watching the good elements as the bad in the show, and the ability to watch episodes back to back enhances the pleasure of these elements, which may otherwise go missing on a weekly viewing.


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