Welcome to “Watchin’ With the Wife”

This blog is my attempt to put a lifetime of watching TV with women into action. It’s also an effort to think both critically and casually about TV outside of my current job as a Graduate student in media studies. As often what I watch and what I write about are two different things, this writing will hopefully bridge the gap.

But mostly it’s about my experiences watching TV with my wife and reflecting on the shows that we watch together.

A little background.

Since I was a very little boy, up until today, all of my most important relationships have involved watching TV with women.

More background –  in my immediate family, I am the only boy. My cousins are all women. So, from my childhood home – where I would watch TV with my mother and sister –  to our family visits to the cottage – where I would watch Wimbeldon with my older female cousins – I have always viewed tv with women.

(There were exceptions. Cartoons and music videos I mostly watched alone. Movies on video I tended to watch in big groups, and Star Trek I watched with my friend Chris.)

In my first college apartment, my roommate and I hosted the many people who would come from school to watch TV, to take breaks and to have some tea. One of our favourite activities was pulling out one of the many shows that she had miraculously recorded from the 80s on her betamax player (including Live Aid and Twin Peaks before it was available anywhere on VHS) and we seemingly watched the whole decade in that cramped, cold basement apartment.

Sadly, in several of my relationships, TV became the sole activity and TV became the substitute for actual communication.

TV in the Home

Peresntly, in my marriage, TV watching sometimes becomes a substantial shared activity, some quality time stolen amidst our busy schedules, an hour spent eating, catching up on the latest, or merely a distraction before work.

As with other couples, we always have some show that we’re making our way through episode by episode (currently Modern Family). Our viewing is supplemented by our morning talk show routine (watching Regis get annoyed again when attempting to dial a telephone), seeing the ladies of The View argue about the latest political gaffe, or alternatively, Dancing With the Stars, or some pretty terrible local morning show.

To me, it really doesn’t matter what we watch, I have enough that I have to view in my career, and I am much happier spending time together than arguing what we’re going to see.

As a result of all of this, not only have I watched a lot of TV, but I’ve watched a lot of TV that’s presumably not aimed at me as an audience member, nor, more specifically, at my gender.

This often means watching shows that  aren’t necessarily aimed at me. When my wife wants to watch Oprah, and I’m around, I’ll probably watch it. When my wife wants to watch the latest offering on Bravo, I’m pretty likely to do that as well.

I would like to think that this also puts me in an interesting position, perhaps, to look at shows aimed at women from a male perspective.

So, much of the work (if I can even call it that) of the blog will be relating my experiences of watching contemporary tv with my wife. I don’t know if this is a worthwhile project, but I think that it’s an interesting start to something.

Thanks for joining me and please feel free to comment.



7 responses to “Welcome to “Watchin’ With the Wife”

  1. It’s not a pointless exercise, Colin! I like the slant you’re taking and am so looking forward to reading more! I often feel as though watching TV with my brother and dad (Mom tolerated television growing up; now she loves FNL, True Blood and Mad Men) greatly shaped what I like, why I like it, and what I find interesting about it. Watching Quantum Leap with my dad is one of those foundational moments.

    (Yay for starting a blog. One of us. One of us!)

    • Thanks for the welcome to the world of blogging Charlotte. Doing my best to stay on track and on topic. There’s something pretty gratifying about the process as well as just writing about the stuff I watch daily.

  2. I feel left out

  3. I hope you will also indicate the reason I was unable to watch with you was from the time (name witheld) convinced you two to become her smoking and TV buddies, forcing me to flee to the only non-smoking room in the house

  4. Huron Street finally gets some online props…. It brings tears to my eyes – although, that could also be caused by the memory of the thick cloud of cigarette smoke that hung in the air.

    • Heather – Oh, Huron Street, if only I could really describe what being there meant and how it remains an amazing and smoky memory (for us all, as I understand it)!
      Thanks so much for reading. It’s so great to hear from you, hope all is well in your world!

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